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The important characteristics of cutting machine

by:Mengxing     2020-04-28
Important features of the cutting machine cutting machine adopts microcomputer numerical control device, set the cutting length. Model design accord with human body engineering principle of operation, easy to operate. Such as the set of 'cutting use. Important feature: cutting machine can cut segment products, can also be cut half products, can also draw on material accurate astronomy. Can, in some special products, such as PVC plastic box can be done on the cardboard package line pressing. Can cut a dotted line, the minimum cutting round to R = 0. 7 mm diameter cutter technology in China is more advanced, and imported equipment still has certain gap, cutting machine is a kind of widely used numerical control equipment; Mainly for the convenience of the cutting products, cutting all kinds of edition type and design; Practicality is very strong, is a kind of important production equipment; Received a lot of enterprise's welcome domestic cutting machine should be the more precise; The direction of higher speed; Can be used in some high precision electronics industry; There will be a big market, will surely get a satisfactory harvest. Features: suitable for single sheet cutting, operating the touch screen, PLC control, imported ball screw, linear guide, automatic feeding, can be half broken and all the cutting at the same time. Scope of application: diffusion of membrane, radiation membrane, a good film, black and white glue, optical materials, copper foil, aluminum foil, PE, PVC, mold material such as paper, foam article points.
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