The forming principle and main features that the cup machine

by:Mengxing     2020-03-02
System cup machines is the supermarkets, shopping malls and other places the main manufacturing machinery plastic cup. This machine has the production of disposable paper cups, boxes, plastic boxes, plastic cups, and so on. For use on the market at present, are generally by the mechanical and sheet made of mechanism. This machine can be suitable for a variety of raw materials, such as PVC, pet, pp, etc. , at the same time can also processing and pharmaceutical, light industry, textile, tourism, toys and other plastic packaging products. Its characteristic is: 1, the machine set piece, heating, stretching, forming, trimming one-time finish. 2, high efficiency, energy saving, security, environmental protection, high product quality. 3, to adapt to the wide raw materials. Such as PS, PP, PVC, PET, ABS and other plastic sheet can be processed. 4, machine, electricity, gas integration; With the function of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic three operation. These characteristics determine the system cup machines better future, it is actually a kind of thermoforming machine, using temperature changes make the material of plastic deformation, thus finally have the effect of fusion to connect, form the cup.
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