Common vacuum forming machine

The five advantages of film non-woven fabrics

by:Mengxing     2020-04-27
1, reduces the greenhouse thermal insulation is, the process of film non-woven fabric as a whole is involved in the making process of the vacuum cup, eliminating the effect of the intermediate links to a single process. 2, plastic film with non-woven adhesive force between the stronger, not easy to fall off, makes the service life of heat preservation is growth. 3, the use of non-woven fabric laminating, to enhance the heat preservation is competitive in the market, to market reaction speed. 4, film non-woven compared with the traditional coated non-woven, superior performance, insulation performance is better. 5, this type of non-woven products, at the same time of promoting agricultural development, to respond to the national policy of agricultural development, obtained the national agriculture related benefits and subsidies, reduced the cost of farmers.
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