Common vacuum forming machine

The film let the photos more beautiful

by:Mengxing     2020-04-25
Film is widely used in the photo, in simple terms, the film laminating long retention time, do not fade, float ash can brush, not met fingerprints or water droplets or laminating film dust are flowers. Now the public are like photograph, like to wash out their own photos saved for later viewing, and photos to wash out after the work is important. Now most master choose drench membrane, first of all, the film cost is lower, and the film's photo looks more bright colors. Already meet the requirement of low dealer cost, also meet the requirement of buyer beautiful photos to good quality. Laminating machine has high automation degree, easy operation, high production rate and coating thickness uniformity, high adhesion fastness, coiling is flat and level, environmental protection, no pollution, save raw materials and artificial cost advantages, in Europe and the United States has grown, in recent years the domestic start application gradually, now laminating machine is to simplify this, automated direction, and pay more attention to form a complete set of perfect productivity.
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