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The development of web press in China

by:Mengxing     2020-04-30
The domestic web press originated in the late 1970 s to the early 80 s. At that time, the lead print books and newspapers rotary press is to phase out, as a transition of offset printing equipment - — Sheet-fed double books and periodicals printing machine gradually developed, when countries are organizational development of the whole paper perfector battle, to adapt to the books and periodicals printing cycle is too long. The rise of paper printing equipment, mainly is the printing equipment can not meet the needs of the rapid growth of the publishing market, especially the need of the press and publication timely. The rapid development of web printing way, and can realize double continuous fast printing, wire cutting, folding, even and accumulation baling, commercial advertising inset, distribution equipment connected to the high efficiency are inseparable. Many varieties of printing machinery and equipment in our country, web press is one of the few positive development one of the varieties of products. So web press the benign development of the road, is mainly refers to this kind of equipment with high technical content, enterprise scale, wide range of form a complete set, capital takes up a long cycle, makes a lot of businesses, dare not rashly to enter this field, so this area relatively no other product competitive. At present, the domestic has formed group and Shanghai north of gaussian monopoly market structure. Although there are some production narrow web press manufacturers and appeared one or two production of medium and small web press manufacturing enterprises, but the market share and volume cannot compete with the two companies, although some enterprises wind fire for several years, but still disappeared. Another reason is the development of science and technology web press, although slower than the foreign development, but the main application of new technology project has been at the forefront of other products. Commercial web press in 1994, before and after entering our country, with the market demand is a growing trend, has considerable scale. According to relevant personage, 2003 has only Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen, Hong Kong imports more than 60, 2004 years has maintained a rapid growth momentum. Foreign printing machinery manufacturers have also launched against China demand of commercial web press. This class models rising market demand for three reasons: first is the commercial web press with high productivity. Because it is a continuous walking paper printing, the printing speed is sheet-fed multi-color printing machine 2 ~ 3 times, double-sided printing at the same time is the total production efficiency of sheet-fed multi-color printing machine more than 4 ~ 6 times, thus shortening the high-grade printing printing cycle, reduces the processing cost of printed matter, so by printing enterprise. Second, because of the commercial web press is a breakthrough in the technology, use of coated paper printing quality is near the quality level of the sheet-fed printer. Commercial web press printing quality and high speed of technical support, such as zero speed automatic paper, high speed automatic paper, secondary tension control, drying device, cooling system, polishing device and automatic alignment system technology has become a mature technology, resulting in the rapid development of the commercial web press. The last is the development of the advertising industry, color printing market demand growth, especially in color coated paper color printing quality magazine, newspaper inserts, color color books, books, advertisements and the increase of the phone book books, make commercial web press to expanding the market, thus forming peak imported commercial web press in China. According to customs statistics: 253 sets of imported web press, 2001, 2. 600 million dollars. Imported 155, 2002, 0. 700 million dollars. Imported 131, 2003 to 1. 2. 6 billion dollars. Imported 106, 2004, 1. 68. 6 billion dollars. As can be seen from the statistics, import quantity decline year by year, imports are sharply up year by year. This reflects a few years ago is given priority to with newspaper printing machine, and then a few years the import of the main equipment is the commercial web press. Domestic commercial web press manufacturer got started from 1996, although the launch two commercial and commercial products, and in the China international exhibition Print2005 printing speed reaches 40000 zhang/commercial web press, unit and implement a small amount of exports, but the present situation of the basic dependence on imported commercial web press has not changed. The imbalance of imports and exports, has lasted for nearly a decade, should cause the attention of all aspects.
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