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The development of web press

by:Mengxing     2020-04-30
The current web press have bigger size, but not necessarily the speed faster. The printing machine looks more like a industrial machine rather than a technician. However, web press automation program is higher, and the device itself is also more complex. To be sure, web press will gradually combined with computer systems, a part of computer integrated system. Thermosetting type of web press work more efficient, but the price is more expensive. Don't ignore the narrow web press roll paper or a small web press, this small printer type size is commonly, web width less than 26 inches. The most common situation is that this type of web press the width of the range of 18 inches to 20. 5 inches. Within the scope of this size parts of printing machine, has a part in the direct mail and use the small and medium size business printing, this kind of printer is thermosetting type, has the very good performance. And the other, it is with reach 10 units of rubber roller and iron roller of cold setting type printing machine.
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