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The development of stretch film machine

by:Mengxing     2020-04-28
Stretch film machine start stage after entering the 90 s, our country from Germany, Japan, Italy, Austria and other countries the introduction of multi-layer co-extrusion cast film production line. Stretch film device is introduced into China, the minimum capacity of 500 t/a, maximum capacity of 6500 t/a. To introduce the main equipment manufacturers for the German Reifenhauser, Barmag, Battenfeld company, Austrian Lenzing company, Japan's mitsubishi heavy industries company, Italy Colines, Dolci, etc. Part at the same time, the domestic equipment manufacturers, developed with independent intellectual property rights of domestic cast film production line, but the period of the domestic equipment mainly single small production line, no matter in the mechanical properties of the equipment, or in terms of capacity, can't be compared with imported equipment. Stretch film machine mature stage in the 21st century under the stretch film market demand, a great progress has been made in domestic stretch film production equipment, domestic stretch film equipment international competitiveness is growing. Guangdong shi cheng plastic machinery company, for example, the is 2500 mm, 3000 mm wide multiple layers of thin film production line have been batch production, part of the technical indicators have reached the standard of the same products abroad. And the launch of the company's more than 5000 mm high precision ultra wide layers membrane production line, has marked the domestic stretch film production equipment has entered the mature stage of high-speed development.
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