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The developing direction of blown film machine

by:Mengxing     2020-04-26
Blown film machine is a kind of plastic melt and blow into a thin film of particle heating equipment, the first is made up of blown film and winding two departments. Start the broken machine to waste right amount into the mouth to send. Around 20, before coming off work must clean the machine and increased health equipment move parts silk ensure running parts without wire. Ten to watch checking, produce situation found peace hidden trouble to formulate corrective way. Then internal and external, in the main motor speed to zero. To watch checking each type of woven cloth quality case found that the problem solves promptly. Recruit popular employees shall apply to the dot administrative department personnel section dot by the administrative department personnel section is responsible for the recruitment. Blown film receive a roll process is introduced; Necessary link in the whole winding process of constant tension, without the artificial regulation; ; Empty volume starts not tension Spring Festival eve, prevent membrane wrinkling, plateful to operate without tension is too small, prevent film coiling too loose; ; System response was bright and add, deceleration process can according to the level before the change of speed and tension adjust quickly, ensure constant tension; ; For quantification, the tension can be in accordance with the differences film production process requirement to set tension tests. B, improve product quality, function quite rich ling frequency speed control is constant. Ten kinds of samples to appropriate care. To watch checking each type of woven cloth quality case found that the problem solves promptly. 受虐妇女综合症, Bo junwei company out research and development of low speed torque of the eve of the motor used to add the number of motor, reduce the style of fundamental frequency, make the rated speed of the motor has dropped below 200 RPM, and the output of the motor torque amplitude of the eve of the increase, thus it can be reduce or deter reducer. For blown film machine, etc have harsh request for the thickness of the thin film devices, can precisely control motor, compared with the inverter has the very eve of trade advantage. Wire drawing machine, side of diaphragm, models are not sanctioned across 45 kg/t waste roller wire scrap not permit across 5 kg/t lead wire scrap not license across 3 kg/t exceed target according to 5 yuan/kg to punish. Regularly checking tour found broken wires to holding the double filament to replace lead wire from scratch or fines of up to 2 yuan each. According to the melting of plastic theory, blown film extruder screw is divided into three sections: charging, melting, homogenization section. ; ; Plastic film blowing machine fu ling the application of variable frequency; ; ; 。 If not immediately organize produce to produce department minister, vice one's reason in order to put into production or adjust the produce place as soon as possible. 0, the guy should guarantee the machine and some safe and trouble-free operation. 4 often mop the floor every day to ensure the ground without water dust purging equipment a weekly Sunday night shift of fine 5 - 0 yuan. Wire drawing machine cooling water adjusted by the host or other personnel are not allowed to use with 0 - 50 yuan. Should be locked corona of the freedom of press the power switch is missing. Every stop 5 minutes online measuring the thickness of each roll off the plane after necessary real-time measuring corona with 42 of water surface and thickness measuring the thickness of every 5 cm distance distance two points.
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