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The definition of BOPS thermoforming machine

by:Mengxing     2020-03-08
BOPS thermoforming machine is a kind of plastic machinery, but maybe we contact is not much, more contact or type extruder machine, sheet machine, for example. To talk about today BOPS thermoforming machine. The principle of BOPS thermoforming machine? Molding machine is the use of hot forming secondary molding of plastics. It is the use of thermoplastic plastic sheet as raw materials, lunch box machine by heating to produce deformation under pressure to produce the plastic parts of a method. Cup machine production process is cut into a certain shape and size of the sheet of the mold frame, let its heating softening under proper temperature, pressure, make it close to in the mold cavity, acquisition and the shape of the cavity is similar, the cooling to finalize the design, mold release, and after finishing, namely get parts. Hot forming is the most basic method of differential brand shaping and mechanical stretching out.
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