Common vacuum forming machine

The cup machine design comes from life

by:Mengxing     2020-06-11
The paper cup machine, at bottom, filling, sealing, preheating, heat, double bottom, knurling, edge, cup, the cup of continuous processes such as raw produce paper cups. Boxes machine paper cups of the completion of this planning is mainly the ego molding and its transmission planning of finely part, this part is mainly spread paper cups of preheating, heat, double bottom, knurling, edge and retreat cup cup machine process. Cup machine this part, the main course four bar linkage, CAM mechanism, intermittent mechanism etc. This plan will be to elucidating the born system cup machines manufacturing process of singing, each to completion and performance of the organization of the resolution, cup machine the doomed, the planning of the ego drive and the roots out of the cup cover &broom making machine in line rate transmission planning combined of finely machine, mainly for belt transmission, chain transmission, CAM, preference for indexing CAM wheel transmission, sheet material machine surface intermittent mechanism and main shaft development detailed planning together. The planning of system cup machines, has made the detailed introduction to the working principle of and course planning combined destined to its main parameters and authority.
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