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The cup machine can effectively solve the white pollution

by:Mengxing     2020-03-04
Is the glass daily necessities of life and drink enough water every day are used to the cup, our life cannot leave the cup. However, in the places of public entertainment, conference room, while others are home drinking water we need to use the disposable plastic cups. Disposable plastic cups because is made of plastic, low cost, but after used for the processing of disposable plastic cups very trouble. Cup mechanism made of paper cups will exist such problems, paper processing is very easy, can be used to recycle again good pollution-free. Now with disposable foam plastic tableware in consumption, use, recycling and so on each link are major problems. Boxes machine using during the course of consumption of foaming agent, some might damage the atmospheric ozone layer, some major safe hidden danger; Improper use at low temperatures, prone to breakdowns, harmful materials to human body; After using the abandoned casually, can form the major environmental purification; Burials are difficult to degrade, forming open to soil and water purification, and recovery and solve difficult. This gives the system cup machines are more big development space. Put an end to disposable plastic cups, the use of more cup machine manufacturing paper cups, in order to protect the environment, reduce pollution.
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