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The critical roles of paper laminating machine in printing

by:Mengxing     2020-04-25
With the development of 21st century technology, research and development of many emerging technologies such as spring was born. In the computer technology, network technology, digital technology, laser technology in the development of printing technology and printing machinery and equipment. And widening and opening of China's economy, for our printing machine application in the modern world scientific and technological achievements, improving the quality and stability provides a good policy, the host to create a good environment. Let us know about paper laminating machine for simple. Paper laminating machine is suitable for the coating resin, PE, LDPE, PP, EVA and EAA Shanghai juji level. The applicable base material has 30 - 425 grams of paper, non-woven fabric, fiber cloth, textile cloth, aluminum foil, PVC, BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, CPP, CPE, linen, etc. ; Top speed of 150 m/min, the work speed is 100 m/min. The film width and 650 - 1700, width of guide roll is 900 - 1900mm; Film thickness is 0. 012 - 0. 05mm; Coating thickness error of plus or minus 5% or less, automatic tension setting range of 3 - All 30 kg/amplitude; Maximum extrusion quantity is 200 kg/hour; Composite cooling roller? 508; The largest volume diameter? 1500mm; Coil diameter: the biggest auxiliary? 1000毫米; Biggest winding diameter:? 1500mm; : and put a roll of paper tube diameter? 76毫米; Extruder for 22 kw motor drive; The machine total power of about 90 kw. From the base material is put to the draping, coiling of the entire process, adopt advanced electrical and mechanical equipment, realizes the monotony and group control linkage, high degree of automation. The whole machine adopts frequency control of motor speed, temperature control USES the SCR system, die parts to replace the network USES the advanced electro-hydraulic device. Paper laminating machine is a high degree of automation, convenient operation, high production efficiency. Double location of the first substrate and pored over adopt automatic correction device, the base material for automatic orientation and corrective control. Automatic tension control device, which can guarantee the stable base material, high speed of broadcasting effect. Draping of the base material by preheat roll preheat before drying. Laminating cooling roll adopts forced cooling structure to ensure that the film combined with good effect. Double location surface friction semi-automatic winding device, equipped with adjustable pneumatic cutting, trimming and drum wind edge structure. The whole machine each roller clutch adopts pneumatic control. Its collection of feeding, drying, surface treatment, compound, trimming, suction side, winding is an organic whole; Using photoelectric to edge tracking, edm processing, digital display type electronic device automatically remember m; Constant tension control, temperature control and other advanced technology; Die head can choose according to product process requirement within the wall type or outside wall type. It is suitable for extrusion flow film and composite non-woven fabric, paper and other materials, medical supplies, packaging supplies, etc. Printing process is a combination of science, technology, art product, printed matter whether make readers feast for the eyes, fondle admiringly, in addition to the content, fine as the original design, the layout of vivid, bright color mixing, packaging and processing of elegant and generous, and many other factors. As people more and more high requirement for the appearance of the printed matter. The main way to meet this demand, it is carried out on the print finishing, through the modification and decoration, enhance the grade of the printing products. Finishing is an important means to guarantee the quality of printing products and value-added, a lot of printing products, is through post-press processing technology to greatly improve the quality and increase its special function.
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