Common vacuum forming machine

The correctness of the heaven and earth cover machine operation

by:Mengxing     2020-06-08
Open the case on the rear panel 'power master switch ( 西南。 ) ', 'according to the panel power switch ( 切换) 'key, to be 'ready ( 热身) 'the green light is lit, the machine can work. 5, hold down the set button (' 设置按钮) 'Key, set for the appropriate value, be in commonly 0. 5 - 2. 0 seconds. 6, the sensing head on top of the container cover click the start button on the handle when the heating (' 加热) 'The red light is lit, said it was heated, sensing head don't move,' heating ( 加热) 'Red light out and then remove the induction head, etc. ' ( 热身) 'The green light is lit or internal buzzer short sound of' du 'tip and then can go to the next container sealing operation. 7, the heavens and the earth cover molding machine check the sealing quality, according to the different material, the diameter of the container and the production efficiency, appropriate dressing 'set button ( 设置按钮) The key, and makes the sealing quality best. Molding machine include: paper carton packaging machinery, carton production line, automatic system box machine, automatic carton machine, box package edge equipment, paper products packaging equipment. To build up the paper box forming machine adopts PLC programmable controller, photoelectric tracking system, touch screen man-machine interface, the implementation of the paper, glue, paper board molding thread, automatic positioning and laminating, casters, four corners into the box, fold the side and fold into the forming operation is completed a one-time, process automation, production efficiency compared with the traditional handmade fifty times.
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