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The core of the double screw extrusion sheet machine technical analysis

by:Mengxing     2020-06-07
With the development of industrialization, more and more people start to pursuit of material life demand, not only is the number of requirements, there is also a requirement for the quality of the material. Double screw extrusion sheet machine demand is very high, high production efficiency, people need not only fast, also need to the requirement of appearance is beautiful. Demand for sheet machine to a certain extent stimulated the development of the processing machinery industry in China. Double screw extrusion sheet machine core processing technology: 1, for the special requirements of gear reducer, alloy steel, hardening, grinding, gear; Meshing center distance of the special requirements, the above technology to ensure the uniform, balance, low noise, low heat, long life. 2, the screw material: 38 tungsten carbide, permeability decreased, the screw hardness is improved obviously, prolong service life. 3, independent assembly process, the collocation of spare parts is more reasonable and optimized, so as to ensure the smooth and safe. 4, independent development technology, full automatic operation, fine, coarse tuning, to ensure the stability of pressure fluctuations. 5, PLC program control technology, realize the speed control, more accurate temperature control, chain + single motor control more humane, more reasonable, operation more convenient, more efficient.
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