The composition of au star vacuum forming machine structure

by:Mengxing     2020-12-29
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au star plastic machinery is a professional research and development, production various molding layout of high quality vacuum forming machine, automatic vacuum forming machine, small vacuum forming machine, pressure vacuum molding machine manufacturers, has 30 years experience of technological innovation-oriented enterprises.

now by the African union (au) star vacuum molding machine small make up to you to introduce union star vacuum forming machine structure.

, frame, steel frame, the upper and lower axis, sliding door.

and electrical system: air, hydraulic system and electric, gas system, is by the touch screen, PLC, photoelectric switch, temperature control system, electronic components, relay, motor accessories, etc. Vacuum forming machine processes need to adjust the parameters to achieve a specific speed and temperature and finish the action. Vacuum forming machine according to the degree of automation division and can be divided into semi-automatic vacuum forming machine and automatic vacuum forming machine.

and vacuum forming mould, mould machine, cylinder or cylinder. Positioning means has manual screw locking and pneumatic locking actively, can position clamping mould, ensure mold and vacuum pipe connected. Synchronous mechanism make the mould synchronous lifting up and down, to ensure that the vacuum forming precision.

, plate positioning system: the traditional vacuum molding machine plate positioning system by the power cylinder or cylinder, tic-tac-toe profiles of pressure feed box. Pressure feeding box is the function of clamping positioning plastic plate, can make pressure feeding box sheet and plate by tight closure. According to mold size for frame size adjustment, can be manually or automatically adjusted.

, heating system, oven, heating pipe, heating brick.

, cooling system, water pipes and the spray head.

au star machinery has 30 years of experience in vacuum forming industry, specialized in vacuum forming technology, thermoforming technology research and progress. Vacuum forming machine.
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