The common failures in the process of laminating machine use

by:Mengxing     2020-04-25
1. Heating system ( 1) Slow heating, temperature control table ( 着干活) Yellow light on the light, please check the above ammeter index, such as the possibility of index is not enough: the heating area of a burn out, the heating area of a line fault. ( 2) Unheating: contactor is broken, the heating wire end is loose, temperature control table is broken. 2. Inverter alarm setting down roll diameter as input wrong will cause the inverter alarm, alarm screen in the main operating screen according to the fault can be reset. 3. Buffer beam instability ( 1) . And roll diameter input incorrect, measuring diameter enter again. ( 2) . Buffer rocker potentiometer shift, solution: set your tension, rocker vertical state, in the rocker potentiometer gear adjustment until the main operating screen rocker position display 50. 4. After electrical fault electrical part fails, please first check the input power, then check that the peripheral circuit, check the corresponding controller; Itself, with all kinds of protection functions such as frequency converter, PLC, normally won't appear serious fault. ( 1) . Inverter failure: when a frequency converter in the event of a failure, after the machine automatically slow down; View the inverter manual 'troubleshooting' section, make corresponding processing, reset failure frequency converter, to boot. ( 2) . PLC failure: PLC itself usually fail. The failure PLC host right 'PROG - E 'light is normally on; Short-circuit will check whether the peripheral circuit of input and output points of PLC work power outage can be reset.
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