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The characteristics of the structure of the small mixer

by:Mengxing     2020-04-24
1. 'M - small mixer is made W 'mixed with casting tank pressure type, not only wear-resisting also ensures that the arrive material mixing and property changes are compared with the same mixing the best effect. Small mixer is to choose the second corner, powder can greatly progress leakproof function. The built-in dust collector, convenient and quick recovery of the dust. 2. Small mixer is the automatic control system of temperature and time control of the system of cooperation, make its operation is accurate and brief to understand, to heating or cooling can be set in accordance with the operating temperature rapid conversion to ensure material mixing or best quality and best useful operation efficiency, can be based on the needs of the mixing material, can be divided into manual and automatic control, operation briefly. 3. Small mixer is selects high power motor, transmission power, save electricity, long service life. All is the wear resistant steel treated surface, the appearance is with hard chromium electroplating, wear resistance is very high, 2 times higher than traditional life. Mixing tank can be divided into can dump type and elevating, leakproof choose dry mixing shaft mechanical shaft seal to make clean concise color change and environmental protection
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