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The characteristics of BOPS thermoforming machine for polystyrene

by:Mengxing     2020-03-06
BOPS thermoforming machine is a kind of belong to the sheet molding equipment, including the BOPS refers to two-way stretch polystyrene, speaking of polystyrene, its characteristic is that it is a colorless transparent thermoplastic plastics, suitable for hot forming, such as high transparency, stiffness big, high glass transition temperature, brittle, etc. This feature makes it a plastic molding, sheet mechanical main choice of materials. Polystyrene colorless, transparent, free coloring, relative density and after PP, PE, excellent performance, excellent high frequency characteristics, in particular, is inferior to the F - 4仍然活动。 In addition, in terms of light stability after methyl acrylic acid resin, but the ability to resist radiation is strongest in all plastic. When is the most important feature of polystyrene melting heat stability and liquidity is very good, so easy to processing, especially in injection molding easy, suitable for mass production. Molding shrinkage of small, dimensional stability, moulded so also cup machine is suitable for production of auxiliary materials. The performance of these polystyrene, is it becoming the main choice of materials in the molding machine. And in addition to used in the molding machine, it also commonly used in the lid machine as adding material.
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