Common vacuum forming machine

The characteristics of blown film machine parts

by:Mengxing     2020-04-26
1, the cooling device is composed of cooling wind ring, blower, cooling air cooled outside ring system adjustable wind ring, adjustable inlet opening tuyere, convenient operation, is advantageous to the film thickness and evenness of the control. 2, stable foam frame this unit USES the shape ring, finalize the design bar adjustable stabilizing foam frame structure, the adjusting range is big, convenient operation and adjustment, stable foam tube, create conditions for coiling GuanPing whole. 3, auxiliary traction auxiliary word by traction frame, board, traction roller, mechanism and main parts such as traction motor, the traction motor unit adopts electromagnetic slip type machine, driven by gear parts by two pairs of drawing roller, drive the reel at the same time. Herringbone plate fixed below the traction roller fixed on the shelf, the size of the Angle adjustment according to blowing thin specifications can be adjusted freely, two pairs of traction roller consists of rubber roller and steel roller, can effectively prevent the gas escape and ensure the smooth progress of the coil assembly structure is used to drawing frame, tear open outfit is convenient, is advantageous to the transportation loading and unloading. Take-up device adopts the center of the effective mechanism, the constant tension, friction device driven by sprocket, driven by friction piece of big gear, to drive the winding shaft, so as to ensure the winding diameter changes from small to big, the size of the friction force can be controlled by adjusting the size of the spring-loaded edge. 4, air compressor air compressor output of compressed air, storage tank after tank outlet valve screw mandrel center hole into the die and mould entered with a pressure adjusting cutting, according to the requirements of products size to adjust volume, pressure, gas through the mandrel center hole into the bubble tube, blowing extrusion plastic film into bubble tube shape. 5, electrical control part of electric control unit is equipped with a tank operation, by the power button on the total power, open the motor switch. Respectively by push button switch control electric fuselage and tee, mouth mould each knob key parts adopted thermocouple temperature measurement and automatic temperature controller automatically, in the process of normal production, temperature automatic control, to ensure stable and reliable production process.
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