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The characteristics and purposes of all kinds of cup printing machine

by:Mengxing     2020-06-07
Cup printing machine for all kinds of features and use: according to different cups printer products: divided into baking cap machine, tray machine, baking cup machine, tablet, Methods: according to the time and temperature control is divided into imitation control, digital control, digital control. Tablet is the most widely used, the most widely use, not only on the cup printing machine for personal use, from garment factory, gift factory to pyrograph industry, are widely used, so the tablet in addition to be made into different demand structure, which occupies the market share in the market for sheet machine has also been gradually increased. Can be divided into the ordinary straight tablet press machines, high-pressure plate rolls, ordinary nod machine ( Because of high pressure than high pressure machine, the cost is high, very rare) , South Korea nod machine ( Using biased bearing, a cup of very high pressure) 。 In addition, there is a kind of is more than one cup equipment, common have 3 in 1 and 4 in 1, and there are even more equipment, such as 9 in 1, and so on, are often specious. Such as increasing the diameter of the different baking mat, and added a uv lamp with curing crystal. In actual use, always have a unity in use is very inconvenient, replacement parts is also very trouble.
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