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The characteristics and classification of glazing machine process

by:Mengxing     2020-04-28
Polishing machine polishing technology is in the surface coating of print ( Or spray, printing) No package on a layer of transparent coating, after flow leveling, drying, pressure light, on the surface of printed matter form a thin and uniform transparent light layer of techniques and methods. Polishing machine polishing process for coating on the surface of the printing quality, flow ping, to enhance the smoothness on the surface of the printing quality, make the printing texture more thick plump, color is more bright, improve print gloss and artistic effect, enhance the appearance of printing quality; To improve the printing quality of the surface performance, protect the graphic; Can improve the grade of products, increase the added value. Polishing machine polishing process including glazing paint coating and two calender. Glazing coating process is actually the coating ( Commonly known as gloss oil) Coating in the process of the print surface flow flat to dry. Coating pressure was the first print surface coated with ordinary glazing machine in paper calender paint, after being dry and then to the calender machine with stainless steel band hot pressing, after cooling stripping process. Polishing machine polishing process classification: according to the glazing coating can be divided into oxidative polymerization coating glazing, solvent evaporation coating glazing, light type of coating glazing glazing and thermal type; According to the products can be divided into the surface light glazing, local glazing, extinction and art; According to the polish when the use of equipment can be divided into: single glazing machine, the use of light printing unit glazing and the linkage of the printing press polishing; According to the glazing coating method can be divided into: spray brush coating glazing, printing coating glazing and glazing machine coated gloss; According to the print input mode can be divided into manual feed and automatic feed, etc.
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