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The characteristics and applications of the plastic film printing field

by:Mengxing     2020-04-30
Plastic film printing machine ( Also known as universal printer) — — Can in glass, metal, plastic, crystal, wood, leather, textile fabrics, any relatively flat copper plate paper, soft and hard material, color, arbitrarily complex color, color, etc, colour print all kinds of products design, logo and text, plastic film printing machine does not need plate making, tinted and complicated drying plate program, won't cause damage to the surface of the material. The product since listing, get the industry spoke highly of, many customers and studios scramble to buy factory, customer groups is increasing. Would be so intense market feedback, everything is under our expected, mainly because of the plastic film printing machine has the advantages of the following, simple printing step 2, can be compatible with different industries, no material, not cause material damage to the third, printing position accurately, to avoid the manual printing office the problem of position deviation in color required, very suitable for the transition of the image printing five, suitable for professional use six more uncommon industry, suitable for multiple material printing plastic film printing machine's main function: to achieve universal computer data output to the inkjet machine - — Directly spray printing on objects; Plastic film printing machine can print objects: 1. Can spray print pictures on any material, such as: iron and brass aluminum plate, crystal materials, wood, glass, leather, cloth, stone, etc. ; 2. Can spray print pictures on irregular surface. Such as: mobile phone, telephone, U disk, glasses, vases, pen, etc. ; 3. Can spray print cylinder bodies. Such as: glasses, vases, pen, etc. ; 4. The object height is: 0 ~ 25 cm; 5. From the middle material. Such as: transfer paper, crystal, crystal glue film, high temperature tape, heat transfer equipment; 6. Scope: plastic film printing machine and, A pavilion, studios, attractions, and school, etc. ; B, industrial application: for plastic, electronics, hardware, organic glass, and other industries sample proofing and production batch, production has played a quick sample, the characteristics of the multiplying reduce processing costs. Plastic film printing machine features: 2. Printing speed, low cost, high speed printing completely apply to industrial mass production; 3. To overcome the limits of materials: printable arbitrary medium within the specified thickness, completely overcome the can only use a special paper and special specifications of the traditional way of printing, can use very very thick or thin, its thickness can reach: A2:0. 01毫米/ 200毫米,A3:0。 01mm / 170mm。 4. Automatic cleaning system: significant nozzle blockage prevention function according to the consumer choice in a variety of modes of cycle automatic cleaning the print head, which can prevent the nozzle blocking phenomenon. 5. Height adjustment and batch setting: plastic film printing height can be adjusted according to printing object, adopts the horizontal movable vertical injection structure, can be free to use all kinds of raw materials. Can be easily placed automatically lift to the appropriate print height, and achieve the perfect printing effect. And mass production can be arbitrarily set automatic feeding time, dispense with repeat the steps of using a computer. 6. Plastic film printing machine is not affected by material objects: can use the rich color in raw materials, Metal, plastic, stone, leather, wood, metal, glass, crystal, acrylic, coated paper) Finished products and semi-finished products, Widget sorting box, wallet, bag, trademarks, tablet, etc. ) The image on the soft and hard surfaces such as graphic printing image. Due to the spray printing when the nozzle surface is sexual contact with the media, will not happen because of the heat and pressure phenomenon such as deformation, thus can also be easy to deformation of soft materials ( Such as leather and textiles) Printed on.
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