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The change of plastic machinery in China

by:Mengxing     2020-03-16
Injection machine safety standards 'forthcoming in fact, as the global economic integration accelerating, making a cup of machine production technology standard has become an important means of international economy, science and technology competition. In a standardized way as the main content of the technical trade measures has become a new form of the current international trade barriers, therefore, to establish standard has become different countries and regions to improve the independent innovation ability and the core competitiveness of one of the important strategic target. Not only the national government at all levels of standardization work has given unprecedented attaches great importance to the social from all walks of life focus on standard is increasingly strengthened. Including all kinds of safety standards, one of the most stringent standards is the root of market access. 'Rubber plastic injection moulding machine safety requirements' national mandatory standard, it is according to the needs of industry standards and in accordance with the national standardization management committee of planning. Standards in product design, the lid mechanism make the test on security content and detailed rules, strict requirements are put forward. Due to the product using range is wide, and belong to one of the high risk model in the plastic processing program, will greatly improve China implemented the standard molding machine product safety performance, reduce the safety accidents. On November 20, 2008 national standardization management committee approval issued gb22530 - 2008 'rubber plastic injection moulding machine safety requirements' national mandatory standard, and will enforce on November 1, 2009. The standard is according to the European standard en201:1997 to develop, for rubber plastic injection moulding machine mechanical, electrical, thermal and other dangerous to make the corresponding safety regulations. The standard jb/t7267 - with the Chinese current effective 2004 standards for plastic injection moulding machine has a very large compared to the security requirements of the increase, so the safety of the existing domestic molding machine design are bigger, need to be in a circuit, hydraulic pressure, sheet metal, structure, and other aspects to make improvements. By China plastics machinery industry association and the national expert committee organization of plastic injection molding machine industry BOPS thermoforming machine energy consumption test method of seminars, on July 2 - 3 held in ningbo Haitian park. Meeting fully affirmed the cooperated for years the industry in the development of energy-saving products, promoting the achievement of energy saving technology, etc, the machinery for the first meeting about product energy efficiency standards - — Plastic injection moulding machine energy detection method, emphasize the importance of plastic machinery and energy saving standards in current research, and actively implement industry standardization of energy saving measures. China plastics machinery industry association, director of the molding machine industry experts committee Zhang Jingzhang stressed that energy conservation and emissions reduction, is now the world development trend, is also the challenge of tackling the international financial crisis, the important way of promoting industry transformation and upgrading. Promote energy-saving technology, to promote energy saving work, is a matter of injection molding machine and plastic products production enterprise to improve economic efficiency, realize the sustainable development of the urgent tasks. Therefore, from the height of implementing the scientific concept of development, from the height of the building a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society, from the height of the accelerate the development of China plastics machinery industry, deeply understand the strategic significance of energy conservation and emissions reduction work, profoundly understand the importance of energy saving technology, improving standards, efforts to promote energy-saving technology this great article. In fact, the European plastic and rubber industrial machinery manufacturers association ( euromap) Annual meeting in late October also stressed that for the future the demand of the market, able to provide a higher efficiency of the equipment is one of the strengths of its members. For euromap set up several technical committee for some form of machine, specifically to define sheet function effect evaluation precision condition, thus establish authority on energy efficiency measures and means of description, to establish the purpose of this standard is to establish an energy efficiency standards to identify the energy consumption of euromap believe that once the market recovery, after the financial crisis that saving energy and saving raw materials equipment technology will no doubt favoured by the market. China plastics machinery industry association also held in tianjin last year at the annual meeting of the injected with energy conservation as the theme of formally proposed energy-saving standards initiative. Why China with euromap almost invariably will set new standards of energy-saving standard taper? On the one hand, the supplier claimed that energy saving index get in home nowhere, on the other hand, who first formulate energy consumption index, and as a standard implementation as soon as possible, certainly can force in the market, can be turned in advance, thus win differentiation market opportunities, and can be a basis of normalized to build a market
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