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The application of thick slices vacuum forming in the bus

by:Mengxing     2020-12-31
With the rapid development of transportation network, the growing demand for passenger cars, at the same time, the safety of the passenger comfort requirements are constantly improve. Inner decoration of beautiful, luxurious also became an important symbol of high-end luxury coach. Inner decoration mainly refers to the plastic parts, and its molding process with injection molding, vacuum molding, blow molding, extrusion, etc. Injection molding production efficiency is high, the molding products of high precision, but molding complex parts, but the cost of a mold into large, slow product updates, parts size is limited by the specifications of the machine, therefore, thick slices vacuum molding machine application in passenger car is primarily a dashboard, complex parts such as air-conditioning outlet, and requires a precise matching parts. A vacuum forming mould investment cost little, suitable for large size parts production, the products suitable for the replacement fast, but the dimensional accuracy is not high, the production efficiency is low. Covering parts is given priority to, because of the large bus and coach interior is accuracy is not high, and the output of the bus itself is not high, a model of several hundred or so commonly, plus customers often put forward various requirements of car interior configuration, parts size and appearance is changed more or less, so the vacuum forming process with more in the passenger car inner decoration. Blow molding, extrusion molding is the specific requirements of the production of plastic parts, in the field of passenger car interior applicable scope is small.
vacuum forming sheet according to the process can be divided into vacuum forming and vacuum forming two kinds of soft skin. Vacuum forming material mainly acrylonitrile Butadiene - Styrene ( ABS) Plate, there are a few parts with organic glass ( PMMA) The plank. Bus bridge in left and right sides of the plate, the top plate, back plate and some electrical box cover plate and other plate used ABS sheet forming. Now there is a kind of trend is to use composite ABS instead of general ABS plate, the plate composite ABS sheet is on the board with a layer of foamed pp or PVC materials, rolled together into the grain with the skin or the board that feel like leather. Demands transparent instrument desk sound flat, prevent the aging body outside air grille, generally USES the organic glass forming. Soft skin vacuum forming process is mainly used in passenger car instrument on the stage, general matrix is glass fiber reinforced plastic ( FRP) , suction hole in the glass fiber reinforced plastic pieces of the skin, skin main materials of PVC with foamed polypropylene ( PVC / PPF) Composite materials.
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