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The application of lid machine

by:Mengxing     2020-03-14
Lid of hot melt adhesive ( Edgebanding热- MeltAdhesive) Is a kind of special adhesive to the man-made plank sealing side, lid machine is a kind of thermoplastic plastic without solvent. Hot melt adhesive was heated to a certain temperature, namely by solid state into molten when coating or sealing side of man-made board base material surface, cooling into a solid, edge banding material and base material bonding together. More and more leisure food is converted into small package. And these small packing snacks requires, so will use the cup machine, popular customers like it. Along with the small package of snacks, each big food manufacturers to make strategy, procurement change small bag packaging equipment. Such as playing cup machine, etc. The spark packaging equipment co. , LTD. , which is developed for small packing snacks favored and particles of automatic packaging equipment market is very popular with the major food manufacturers. Particles wipes packaging machine is a small bag of lid machine, automatic measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, printing, batch number, cut off, and counting etc. All the work; Automatically particles and fluid and semiliquid, powder, tablet, and capsule of packing. Applicable to the sugar, coffee, tang, tea, tea bag, grains, radix isatidis, solid beverage, food, monosodium glutamate, spices, salt, desiccant, seed fine particulate matter such as packaging. Small packaged food easy to carry, satisfy the appetite of people enjoy authentic, also convenient to share with others. Small packaged food is the first choice for young consumers, especially young women has become a mainstream consumer, and part of the business travelers. At the same time, online shopping now also ushered in the era of small packaged food. Many women '' otaku don't go out for a long time, white-collar workers, business people begin to choose this play' eat 'leisure food. Small packaged food because of simple, convenient, safety, hygiene, is quite popular with these shoppers, and dried fruit, bean curd, small packaged food such as seafood meat would use the BOPS thermoforming machine, how to become the most popular favorite snack food. In addition, many businesses with slogans such as 'healthy, balanced', introduced a small packaging such as grain cookies, VC capsule, with the elderly, too. Small packing snacks hot into the small bag packaging equipment such as the whole lid machine status in the market is higher and higher.
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