The application of electronic label cutting machine industry

by:Mengxing     2020-04-27
Electronic label cutting machine industry applications: such as mobile phones and liquid crystal displays the rapid development of electronics, telecommunications products, for the die cut parts related to the product using more and more frequent, these products have a common characteristic, mainly paste in cars, mobile phones, computers, televisions, and other products inside and outside, have shock-proof, waterproof, sound insulation, recognition, and so on. For now, the situation of domestic suppliers to gradually get rid of the dependence on import, thanks to the introduction of advanced processing equipment and the innovation of the localization of equipment. In view of the industry demand, our company after repeatedly the market survey, combined with their own advantages and combines the advantages of many devices at home and abroad was introduced the series of equipment. Below is made of the basic functions of die-cutting equipment instructions: general material after joint can be issued corresponding knife mould according to customer requirements, setting parameters can be automatically die-cutting on the device Such as length, speed, etc. ) , then dropped the redundant waste discharge, if the customer need is a coil or sheet can be satisfied, but a lot of products in machining process is need of traction motor and friction roller of feed or feed, there will be pressure and a certain degree of surface scratches, applied to ordinary trademark or logo also bog-standard reluctantly, this is not allowed in the electronic label industry. First of all the products are of high precision, but also as a durable consumer goods in design considering the function such as waterproof, protection, shock absorption, close to matching die-cutting product requirement, product size error range is small, surface clean, no scratch, in addition to static electricity, etc. , such as can not meet the processing requirements, the serious influence product appearance and using effect. Domestic equipment currently exist widely in die cutting processing precision is not high, surface scratches, the phenomenon of inefficient, it is hard to with some well-known brands ( MOTOROLA, samsung, nokia, etc. ) Docking facilities, by a joint venture or foreign-capital enterprise to produce some difficulty is higher, larger value-added products largely lost order, lost benefits.
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