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The advantages and disadvantages of the flat stick

by:Mengxing     2020-06-11
Hopper on some need to dig a pit of mixer, the authors should pad around high compaction, in case the lid machine surface water flows into the pit. Vertical sheet feeder orbit on the bottom of the bearing surface should be cement or tiles, the back of the rack should also use wood to support, to prevent the orbit deformation during working. Concrete mixer starts, the machine of skew plate should be made after mixing drum at normal speed feeding, feeding should be timely after adding water. Vertical lid machine is convenient to operate, but mass rise easily dirty roller; Solve the dirty roller, oblique type horizontal sheet machine, but the product thickness is difficult; The advantages and disadvantages of flat bar is a combination of the above two. What is parthenocissus tricuspidata mixer? Parthenocissus tricuspidata mixer is to ascend mixer, divided into ordinary parthenocissus tricuspidata mixer with hydraulic parthenocissus tricuspidata mixer. Regular inspection tool screw, a new machine to use after 1 hour, use tools to tighten the knife, knife of screw, strengthen the blade between the head and stability; Cup machine filling should be conducted on a regular basis bearing lubricating oil, lid machine ensure bearing lubrication between; Horizontal sheet machine in order to guarantee the sharpness of cutter incision, often should check tool, ensure its sharpness, BOPS thermoforming machine reduced due to the lack of the blunt edge cause unnecessary damage other parts; Regularly check whether the belt is loose, tighten in a timely manner.
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