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The advantage of new type concrete mixer

by:Mengxing     2020-06-12
The advantage of the new type concrete mixer, concrete mixing system concrete mixer mixing system includes a variety of independent units and processes. Concrete mixer control system's mission is to ensure safe and reliable operation, stir system cup machines it is mainly to control motor and blender lid closing mechanism, indirect drive control concrete mixer mixing barrel is also required. Henan Kowloon new coagulation sheet machine soil mixer equipped with consistency measuring device, in addition, the mixing system used to measure the humidity is also equipped with microwave sensor and temperature sensor. 2 measuring control equipment management including concrete, concrete mixer, concrete silo, lid machine JiLiangCheng and ingredients spiral is controlled by frequency converter. JiLiangCheng or radar sensor for measuring the amount of material in the silo. In order to avoid a lot of dust, concrete mixer must also be equipped with air filter, using the vibration principle automatically remove the dust in the air. In addition, the cup machine using sensors also can protect the silo, avoid excessive pressure in the warehouse. 3, concrete mixer conveying sand control sandstone in unloading chute weighing or on the conveyor belt by the strain sensor measuring 4, concrete mixer water measurement by the first two JiLiangCheng weighing control valve, and then using parallel flow meter for more precise measurement. Accessories mainly is to use the pump and JiLiangCheng added.
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