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Talk about the packaging machine development trend in the 21st century

by:Mengxing     2020-04-05
Vacuum packaging technology originated in the 1940 s. Since 1950, polyester, polyethylene plastic film successfully applied in commodity packaging, vacuum packaging machine gets rapid development, its technological development trend is mainly manifested in the high productivity, automation, single machine multi-function, component production line, adopt new technology to the five aspects. 1, the high productivity. Vacuum packaging machine productivity has risen from several to several ten pieces per minute, thermoforming - Pack - The productivity of sealing machine can reach more than 500 pieces per minute. 2, automation. Automatic vacuum packaging machine has the process of pumping air into vacuum state, sealing, lettering, cooling one-time completed function, mainly used for tea, peanuts, shrimp, corn and other food packaging. 3, single machine multi-function. In stand-alone implemented on multi-function, can easily expand the scope of use. Must be employed to realize single machine multi-function modular design, through the functional modules of transformation and combination, be applicable to different packaging materials, packaging, packaging requirements of different types of vacuum packaging machine. Representative products are Germany BOSCH company's HESSER factory production of wheel spindle multi-station bag vacuum packaging machine, bag making, weighing, filling, pumping air into vacuum state, sealing and other functions can be done on a single machine. 4, of the production line. When you need to function more and more long, will all the functions are concentrated in a single machine will make the structure is very complicated, also not convenient operation and maintenance, and then can match the function different, efficiency of several kinds of combination machine can successfully complete production line. 5, adopt new technology. On the packing method of inflatable packaging instead of vacuum packaging, pneumatic components, packaging materials and inflatable packaging machine combining three aspects of the study; On the control technology, more application of computer technology and microelectronic technology; The application of heat pipe and cold sealing technology in sealing, can also be advanced devices installed directly in the vacuum packaging machine, computer control of coarse grain materials such as mount high-precision combination scale; In rotating or vacuum packaging machine, application of advanced high-speed circular arc surface CAM indexing machinery, etc.
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