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Talk about laminating machine industry development

by:Mengxing     2020-04-25
In the steady development of the domestic economic environment at present, continue to improve packaging machinery industry development. Packaging machinery in the laminating machine is a kind of stretch film composite extrusion machine, this machine is mainly used in the paper, film, a layer of plastic film layer adhered on the surface of the cloth, etc. , so it is a kind of application is very wide range of packaging equipment. Laminating machine technology in Europe and the development has been relatively mature, the development of the film machine industry in China is also from film machine equipment introduced from abroad, the current domestic also has a lot of manufacturer of laminating machine. Imported products in the automation degree higher than film machine products in China, the operation is simple, and the extrusion of plastic coating is more uniform and bonding degree is high, but our country produces laminating machine products in technology, there is still some difference between with imported products. Since entering the 12th five-year plan, China's packaging machinery industry ushered in the new opportunities for transition, laminating machine industry in the development of the national good policy driven by new stage. Film machine industry technical level is relatively backward in our country is mainly caused by the following factors: one, laminating machine industry in China started relatively late, in Europe and the United States and other developed countries use laminating machine has relative popularity, our country began to be imported from abroad advanced laminating machine equipment. From the introduction of equipment to the independent research and development, is the development pace of laminating machine industry in China has been lagging behind the developed countries. Second, laminating machine manufacturing enterprises in China mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, the influence of capital and scale, the domestic film machine manufacturing enterprises mostly do not have enough ability to accelerate technology development. Compared with large foreign film machine manufacturers, relatively weak competitiveness, product research and development costs less. Third, the domestic market do not have a high level of refinement. Laminating machine product has many types, and now the domestic market does not form a fine distinction between market, which will not be able to drive the laminating machine manufacturer in China to accelerate the various kinds of research and development and production of the film machine. But with laminating machine application is more and more widely, refine market demand increases, diversification, specialty will be the development trend of future laminating machine. Looking film machine industry in China in the next few years of development, during the 12th five-year plan is laminating machine industry in China is an excellent opportunity to achieve industrial upgrading. The laminating machine manufacturing enterprises in our country should borrow the state supports packaging machinery industry in the development of dongfeng, enhance core competitiveness, accelerate the process of research and development.
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