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Reverse mould plastic cup, bowl machine configuration features

by:Mengxing     2020-06-11
Reverse mould plastic cup, bowl machine is suitable for automatic production of disposable plastic cups, plastic bowls, plastic plates, plastic cover, etc. The plastic cup, bowl machine configuration: boxes machine double-position automatic feeding frame, flip forming cutting location, flip cup stacking counting station, waste automatic winding location, driving servo stretching of the mould, servo send piece of glass conveying station, custom packaging machine online, custom online waste crushing system. Molding machine turning motion of the cup of numeration, sheet machine reliable Germany four CAM device, PLC and touch screen control, Germany FESTO, pneumatic components, the MAC servo type pressure servo system precision forming, trimming, integration, high speed through the four CAM forming action, lid machine temperature value of PID temperature control system can ensure accurate mould finishing. The plastic cup, bowl machine features: a, the use of Germany's four CAM group drives the molding of mesa inclination flip movement for products within the precise sorting and counting, greatly improves the production efficiency. Second, the servo servo precision molding and send maximum saving electricity, improve the utilization rate of sheet cups printer and greatly improve the quality of products. Three, electrical configuration adopts imported a full set of computer control system ( PLC, servo, man-machine interface, temperature module, etc. ) Internal optical fiber communications, top quality and excellent performance.
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