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Putty powder mixing machine when use little common sense

by:Mengxing     2020-04-24
When people in the field of industrial manufacturing industry or other often used in a lot of different materials or products, etc. , these materials often need to use a mixer to stir before use to use to facilitate people to better use, especially the use of putty powder mixing machine, putty powder filler material is primarily a surface, people usually use it is mainly used for construction of the pore filling, so that we can make metope looks more even and smooth, however, when use putty powder if you use a mixer to stir fully and evenly after brings better results for the construction of the wall, so it little common sense in use with 1, people in the use of putty powder mixing machine should be first blender other interior walls of ordinary powder and white cement and other different materials are clean before mixing, because these different materials mixing different reaction could occur together, affect the use effect of 2, when the putty powder feeder to putty powder mixing evenly, should be clean before use metope, also need to ensure that metope does not appear to float ash stains stains sundry, ensures that the metope after construction will not appear any crack or the rims of the phenomenon
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