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Putty powder mixing machine hydraulic system of how to clean

by:Mengxing     2020-04-24
Putty powder mixing machine also can call it is putty powder mixing machine, is mainly the threesome powder, gypsum powder and retarder, thickener etc. Various kinds of raw materials mixing become putty powder, a kind of professional production equipment, people can also use it to stir all kinds of dry materials, such as organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer and so on different material, not only simple to use, easy to operate, but also facilitate people better maintenance and cleaning, so, for the putty powder mixing machine of the hydraulic system, how to cleaning? 1, selected the oil pipe in the fuel tank of the system of clean degree to choose different cleaning oil, cleaner, if you find that you can use with working oil viscosity of wash oil is used, but if it is not too clean, can use the lower viscosity of wash oil 2, people can also be used when cleaning agitator wooden hammers, it can not only facilitate people better for cleaning the inside of the mixer of pollutants, at the same time, in the process of tapping also accelerate the speed of pollutants loss, more clean and thoroughly clean up
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