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Promote the development of plastic polymer plastic sheet machine

by:Mengxing     2020-03-30
So far, in sheet equipment, plastic material to production is very valuable, and most of the time, we use plastic products is processed by the plastic sheet machine. Currently, the use of this product is one of the main for plastic, and produce the plastic boxes, plastic cups, plastic cap, plastic packaging equipment, etc. , are used in a city more disposable products. And this kind of machine at the time of production, generally adopt the way of the extrusion molding, so also known as plastic extrusion machinery or extrusion molding equipment. Which typically have a BOPS thermoforming machine. In plastics extrusion molding equipment, plastic extrusion machine is usually referred to as the host, and subsequent equipment with matching plastic extrusion molding machine is referred to as the auxiliary. Plastic extruder after 100 years of development, has been developed from the original single screw derived double screw, screw, even without the screw, and other models. For the development of mechanization, the plastic processing and manufacturing equipment development is very quick, also indirectly lead to the development of the plastic polymer. For an increasing number of polymer and derivative provides an experimental platform.
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