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Product performance characteristics of putty powder mixing machine

by:Mengxing     2020-04-24
Mixing materials machine mainly a kind of different materials can be put together for mixing equipment, stir not only more even, at the same time, the operation is simple, convenient, and bring people in the use of material important role, and putty powder mixing materials machine mainly a kind of materials such as retarder, thickener blending of specialized in the production of a new type of powder mixing equipment, at present, has been widely used in the market, especially the use of horizontal mixing principle of mix machine, greatly improved the production efficiency, so, putty powder mixing machine of the product performance characteristics which are mainly 1, the mixing machine mixing speed very fast, mainly adopt multilayer spiral belt mixing together, and the material of the whole movement speed is very fast, more uniform mixing 2, mixing machine in the process of using cover an area of an area small, also has the automatic feeding device, better improve the working efficiency, also has a unique u-shaped tube structure, smooth running speed, very low noise, long service life, bring people of high quality materials and high uniformity
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