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Process of system cup machines do disposable plastic cups

by:Mengxing     2020-04-09
Playing cup vendors would show that purchase a complete set of equipment of the cup: three roll sheet machine, forming machine, sheet machine, grinder, mixer, mold. 1. Buy particles of raw materials, in the first sheet made of plastic machine, and then on the molding machine molding, crushing leftover material, according to a certain proportion to join, make your own sheet, leave this part of the profits for themselves. ( Outside in the purchasing sheet, sheet processing fee is to pay, and your leftover material was melted, this part and new material price difference is your own. The leftover material were permitted to join, good health, of course, must control! ) Outside to buy back, back to the material must be level, impurity content inspection! Otherwise quality are influenced by a lot of! 2. Lid machine on the cup shape to design good! As long as it can meet the market, can be accepted by market, cup type Angle ( Taper) The bigger the better, in this way, you can down the sheet thickness, if small taper, the thickness of the drop, forming has the difficulty, yield reduction, your cost is high. 3. When choosing materials, don't confined to a kind of brand, brand the price will be sent a lot of different.
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