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Printing machinery industry focus on future development of high-grade printing machinery

by:Mengxing     2020-04-30
The national policy vigorously support printing machinery industry. The 2006 - In 2020 China's printing industry development summary 'pointed out: in the next 10 years, printing machinery industry in China will continue to enhance the level of science and technology, focus on developing high-grade printing machinery, to narrow the gap in technology at home and abroad, make domestic equipment in the domestic market share of around 70% and increasing exports. At the same time, the 12th five-year plan points out that at the end of the twelfth five-year is expected to achieve industry output value of 40 billion yuan, the national support strength. After printing and packaging machinery in the spring time, the three driving factors together. A, printing and packaging machinery industry with the development of the downstream consumption are closely linked. As commodity brand marketing competition heats up and escalating consumption demand, the downstream consumption industry constantly improve the quality of the packaging of goods and fine degrees, the overall printing and packaging market application is plural, bring new power for the printing and packaging machinery industry. Second, rising labor costs and the decline in the supply, hasten mechanical alternative development. According to our forecast, China's low-end labor market will be a significant downward inflection point, in 2012 for the labor-intensive enterprises, only greater reliance on mechanical equipment to improve production efficiency, reduce production cost and realize the brand in the terminal market sales and premium. Third, the rise of technology in our country, will achieve all-round import substitution in domestic and foreign market. With high-end technology of leading enterprises in our country, the performance of their products has with foreign brands in the same field, but the price is only about half of the imported brand, the high cost performance advantages of domestic brands will be a breakthrough point of import substitution.
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