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Pre-coating film laminating design considerations before China and India

by:Mengxing     2020-04-25
If you need on the final print effect, so in the design of print, will take effect of this factor into consideration. That is to say, pack in designers in the design of print, the print in the future should be considered when printing, printed after the need for which process, adopt what kind of process, choose what kind of paper, ink, and finally to make prints of the yield required by the enterprise. The cover of books, magazines and other publications in the use of pre-coating film laminating, GaXian or concave and convex place often due to the full version of the ink film coated inadequate conditions and easy, unqualified lead to cover. On the cover of decoration design, if our designer at GaXian color design into light colorless, even made here to exclude the interference of ink adhesion, then does not exist the problem of membrane. Similarly, pre-coating film is not suitable for metallic ink, easy appearance of the film. For laminating problem, therefore, first of all, print design personnel should understand the print need to experience many processing procedures, each processing step, what kind of influence on the effect of how to avoid such an impact, how to avoid such less to print out the influence of the quality problem, improve the yield. This requires designers to consider in the design of such as printing, hot stamping, local UV, GaXian, concave and convex process for the impact of laminating. Gold ink in film coating, for example, tend to cause effect of insufficient strength. If the latter ink laminating GaXian, GaXian place on membrane problems are common, if we product designers know this, so when the design can be avoided in gold ink GaXian, cutting, folding, but will be in gold ink 'package', so you can avoid the membrane and cause the product is unqualified.
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