Pre-coating film has the characteristic of what you don't know?

by:Mengxing     2020-04-26
Speaking of pre-coating film, many people don't know what is this, in fact, we often can see in this material to finished product, simple point, we in the last few years teaching material coated basically is to use the pre-coating film, and the pre-coating film due to the use of time is not long, the problems, according to the technology practice shows that the influence is mainly temperature pre-coating film laminating, pressure of the three factors, the same, this process is also have advantages and disadvantages. The process for laminating equipment without glue heating drying system, greatly simplifying the laminating process, and the operation is very convenient, can use with the boot, production flexibility, at the same time without solvent smell, no environmental pollution, more important is to be able to completely avoid air bubbles, the product transparency high, such as fault and the will have broad prospect of application and popularization value.
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