Pp packing belt production line is composed of what parts?

by:Mengxing     2020-03-19
Pp packing belt production line by the strong supporting host, vice extrusion machine, extended the cooling water tank, oven, traction embossing unit, double configuration of the take-up units, automatic temperature control of electric cabinet, suitable for all levels of recycled plastic particles, the production of sandwich belt and not sandwich belt. For direct production manual packing belt; Can be directly processed into hand and machine, dyeing, printing package take heart, a complete; Can be used to directly processed into hand, machine, lettering core-spun packing belt, extra-wide, ultrathin, super thin, transparent, dyeing, printing packing belt. It is the highest cost performance on the market at present, competitiveness is very strong, the most popular among small and medium-sized investment products. Can produce all kinds of handmade, machine use and export.
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