Positive pressure molding machines in implementation and control - absorption Union star packaging machinery

by:Mengxing     2020-06-17
Positive pressure molding vacuum molding machine working principle is to use blister positive pressure forming machine principle. Vacuum forming process is a way of hot forming. Using the thermal contraction principle, the use of thermoplastic materials, produce products have open shell, only shape is packaging material. Positive pressure molding vacuum molding machine manufacturer decided to do blister, will according to the customer request a plaster mold, take a sample for customer confirmation. After factory redo of copper, because the copper is extremely easy conduction temperature, and then can start production. Manufacturers will be customer demand, should determine the thickness of the blister, started to produce the product. Volume will amplify the blister before vacuum molding machine, using thermal heating machine, arriving at certain temperature, the will blister paper to pressure on copper, blister paper will be due to the heat and the appearance is the same as the copper products. On the copper will henceforth have its official affirmation of grain, the final product will also have the same grain. After cutting, decorate, make products that meet the requirements. Positive pressure forming force depend on the vacuum suction molding machine forming method makes the tensile deformation. Because of this easy to implement and control force, so the vacuum forming in the earliest time, so far is also the most widely used a way of thermoforming. Positive pressure molding machine
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