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Portable lid machine and mechanical precision interchangeability

by:Mengxing     2020-03-12
Lid machine is produced in the plastic machinery development since a convenient cover cup equipment, is currently in a lot of cold drink shop, beverage workshop, etc. As you can see, and it is also following the principle of precision of mechanical design and manufacture of machinery and equipment, with the cup machine, forming machine, etc. It is the classic plastic machinery. Here to introduce the principle of the mechanical precision compatibility principle. Compatibility refers to the same specifications of a batch of parts and components, take one, without any selection and replacement can be installed on the machine, and can meet the requirements of the use function of a feature. Mechanical parts interchangeability shall at the same time satisfy the two conditions: 1. Pick of a need to pass any before assembly, assembly does not require replacement or adjustment; 2. After assembly or replacement can meet the established functional and performance requirements. Modern interchangeability begins with these production, is now widely used in machinery, electronics, automobile, defense and so on almost all industrial production field. The application of the concept of compatibility has become so common. For example, on the instruments and equipment - A screw off and put on the same specifications of the new screw; Daylight lamp is broken, can change the same specifications of the new tubes.
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