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Poor adhesion of plastic packaging machine runtime processing method

by:Mengxing     2020-03-19
Plastic packaging machine in use process problems often arise which bonding effect is not good. Plastic packaging machine manufacturer is bad for bonding effect question several treatment methods are summarized: one, the temperature will affect the bonding effect of plastic packing machine, plastic packing machine machine electrical control box with an adjusting knob, 4 - general tone in the scale line When the temperature between 5 is more appropriate. When insufficient power supply voltage, original tuned temperature will be on the low side, will also affect the bonding effect of plastic packing machine. Second, when electric blame spring fails, cannot bring electric hand to locate, can make the packaging with adhesive, half or less. Three, electric adjustment at the time, will encounter PP belt or knives, plastic packing machine can't heating, leads to the inefficiency of glue. Four, fan failure occurs when the smoke exhaust breeze, internal temperature rise, will also affect the packaging equipment bonding effect. Five, packaged with bad installation, nut loose or too tight will also affect the bonding effect of plastic packing machine. Six, the quality of the PP tape may also affect the bonding effect of packing tape equipment, should be chosen in the process of production with good quality PP belt.
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