Common vacuum forming machine

Playing cup machine equipment principles and classification, A)

by:Mengxing     2020-06-12
A, equipment basic principle, from the principle of thermal sublimation cup printing machine, each dozen cup machine equipment is a heating element of different shapes, through a temperature controller and makes the control of the temperature of the heating element within a scale. Boxes machine at the same time in order to facilitate control sublimation cup machine time, plus a time controller, when to set the time, will be prompted to use. 2, from the circuit principle, a lid machine hot cup machine equipment is a unique temperature controller and time controller to control an electric device, temperature and time can be set, the temperature of the electric heating device on the set of values, sheet material machine will arrive in time value, the active power off. Cup printing machine, of course, the heating element is based on different products cup machine, and made into cylindrical, rectangular plane, round face, round face shape, such as different products in order to make cup machine.
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