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Playing cup machine automation will change the packaging

by:Mengxing     2020-04-08
Packaging industry automation era started in about 20 years ago, at that time, all the mechanical equipment is equipped with a programmable logic controller ( PLC) For mechanical power shaft and drive control logic functions. However, this system cup machine automation equipment flexibility is not the first generation. Wire cup machine production equipment of consumer products, especially food, life cycle, product diversification, promote equipment flexibility greater demand. Later in the development of the second generation of automation equipment, more and more functions from mechanical power axis is passed to the electronic drive systems, logic functions are still controlled by PLC system. Control and drive technology was proved to be sheet machine key technology in the field of packaging structure. Today, all the advantages of the third generation of electronic servo technology, and establish a new industry standards. Flexible BOPS machine digital packaging machinery and equipment can not only provide more output and more powerful, some new features of auxiliary equipment, such as: remote maintenance, integration with ERP system, the evaluation of the production data. Cups printer original logical functions are performed by the PLC is losing its importance, is now the dominant electronic movement function. With the improvement of flexible equipment, to the number of servo motor is on the rise. That is to say, different programming languages and systems, no longer need physical and logical interfaces. Since the mid - 90, some companies have in the field of packaging machinery drive integrated motion control and logical control flow. On top of the carton packaging, loading equipment has become more and more popular. Soft packing machine from the top loader is more flexible than levels. Robot arm can be equipped with different vacuum clamp, to adapt to the different products. Composite packaging is also very effective in this solution, such as medicine, blister packaging machine, bottle, cup, ampoule, medicine and medicine can be mounted on the top loading equipment. In the field of candy, in deep dish of chocolate all kinds of different shape at the top of the loading device. The top loading equipment operation flexibility and larger packaging effective. This machine is just making small adjustments, can adapt to different shape of the container. This means that the new products to meet the needs of the future.
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