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Play is different from the suction cup machine molding machine

by:Mengxing     2020-06-07
Each playing cup machine equipment like a heating element of different shapes, through temperature controller makes temperature control of heating element in a certain range. There are a lot of similar to the cup machine equipment, that we take a look at what is the difference between playing cup machine and vacuum molding machine: playing cup machine: general radiation heating combined with contact heating, positive pressure blow molding combined with vacuum forming. Generally have metal auxiliary fortress mold temperature column. Shape sealing side, stretch suction molding cut off within a mold is complete; High production efficiency, suitable for large tensile requirements even wall thickness of cup dishes such as automated production, strong professionalism; Mold size smaller size less fixed number of cavity, mold steel is commonly used in expensive; Equipment is generally more pneumatic hydraulic combination electric; Vacuum molding machine: general, generally USES the radiation heating. Few positive pressure blowing molding, general vacuum forming can complete most of the shell and the cup bowl container forming, better generality. Mould can use gesso, resin, aluminum alloy steel. Mould cost lower mould area can be bigger, convenient adjustment, but generally don't take synchronous cutting, cutting equipment cutting products need to form a complete set.
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