Common vacuum forming machine

Plastic vacuum forming machine operation

by:Mengxing     2020-04-15
Plastic vacuum forming machine operation notice: 1. In the heating zone, do not touch the heating device, and baked goods, when stop heating furnace should be raised; 2. To reach into below the guide must cut off power supply when operating, there can be no accident happens turning on the power supply; 3. In the local machine, such as using the solenoid valve electricity debugging, damage will power outage should be paid attention to; 4. Product length is less than 800 mm, the brake and action must be synchronized. When the local machine, should be on the brake, after open the upper die; 5. Hand picking into breaker and adjust the slice position, should the breaker closed, in the automatic state breaker shall not reached into the enclosure. 6. Machine when using a quadratic function of upper die, do not reached into the forming zone touch is the cooling of the product, to prevent a second upper die down crushed hand;
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