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Plastic sheet machine mechanical components

by:Mengxing     2020-04-23
Most of the time, as a kind of plastic sheet machine, using it to produce all kinds of plastic products is the main supplies, and as one of the better-known cup making machine, is the city in the use of more disposable plastic cup's main production equipment. The mechanical function mainly displays in its production of disposable plastic cups to realize city people convenient use drinks, and the glass production equipment to produce plastic cup has a certain heat resistance, good sealing performance, is a kind of convenient to use plastic cups. But actually this kind of mechanical composition is not so simple, the composition of this system cup machines including prime mover, mechanism system and control system. Machinery such as computer integrated manufacturing system of modern machinery, also have artificial drive and control of screw jack and folding device, such as these and similar cup stacking machine. Among them, the part of the organization is that they have in common. Institutions is to determine the relative motion component combination, make a cup of machine is commonly used in the basic institutions such as gear mechanism, CAM mechanism and linkage mechanism, organization system is the combination of institutions, is a basic component of machinery. The main institution of crankshaft, connecting rod and the piston crank slide block mechanism.
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