Plastic sheet machine investment feasibility analysis

by:Mengxing     2020-06-12
Here said the plastic sheet refers to sheet machine - net changer - sheet mold - three roll forming as the main content of plastic sheet production line, The unit) , by using different raw materials, high impact polypropylene polyethylene, polystyrene, on the same line, need not change any device can complete different varieties. This series of plastic sheet to sheet production experience, production difficulty is relatively small, the wide range of applications, is the PVC sheet, after growing up, has low density, easy to blister, good heat resistance, environmental protection, recyclable varieties. In the film as the backing material of blister packaging, widely used with: chemical electronic food clothing decoration cultivated fruits and vegetables hardware products such as packaging. Playing cup machine by the development of electronic industry in recent years, development speed scale rapid expansion from the south to the north. Only to plate mould, since this year there are more than thousands of production lines, all over the domestic market. To facilitate the readers to better grasp the market, according to the limited information I know, provide the following reference. Distribution of plastic material in the domestic market due to the limited information, unable to provide detailed digital analysis on readers, in geographical division 1 plastic sheet development started early in the pearl river delta. Lid machine market demand is the national level, especially in this year's PET development, in the fierce competition. But there is still a new sheet manufacturers, varieties of but not what I mean by this kind of sheet. So on this project, the region should be careful. 2 shanghai-hangzhou-ningbo region started after 1 above, varieties of plastic sheet scale is expanding, have good development space, especially in the Shanghai area, guangdong, zhejiang producers, have settled in the area, in the Shanghai market development space. 3 suxichang regional almost synchronous development with Shanghai, plastic sheet market development potential is huge, the benefit from the rapid development of electronic industry, active on the new project, market demand is big, the original PVC sheet manufacturers will increase the project scale varieties, is the largest regional development potential. 4 of the Yellow River delta, production and marketing is flourishing, has the good development potential, the variety is not complete, lags far behind the region, which is associated with the market demand, is also related to the development of consciousness, suitable for the development of the project. 5 the beijing-tianjin region sheet development mostly self-sufficient, purity sheet manufacturers, are profitable, but development speed, the more stable development of the market conditions are relatively good. Suitable for the project development. 6 in addition to the dalian development in northeast China, other flat, suitable for development. 7 in other parts of the inland, development needs to be improved, as the western development road, also must from behind.
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