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Plastic sheet machine head mold decision quality

by:Mengxing     2020-04-23
Sheet machine head basically has to carbon steel, alloy steel outside both composite structure, inside the head forming mould. Head mould determines the final quality of the sheet after extrusion, determines the effect of sheet extrusion machine whether satisfactory sheet extruder this head mould is still the main function of movement of plastic melt in orbit changes, gradually become parallel linear movement, so as to let the clinker melt evenly and balance of imported into the plastic cup mold set inside, and it also gives the plastic melt molding pressure required. Plastic melt in the barrel can be slowly plasticizing in gradually by compaction, then after a porous mass filter channel along the already set flow channel slowly through the nose of the neck, and finally into the nose of the forming mould, after mold core and mold set of harmonious cooperation, cross section are formed a space of the annular gap decreases slowly, finally let the plastic melting body around the perimeter of the mold core to form a continuous tube of the state of the parcel layer. Sheet machine product uniform stability, sheet extrusion yield is very high, effective improve the efficiency of the system cup machines production, at the same time, indirect improve the efficiency of the sheet machine.
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